Our Value-Add Proposition

Our firm provides fee-based Financial Consulting Services, Wealth Management, and Retirement Income Planning Solutions to individuals, professionals, and business owners at a reasonable price.  In most instances, we will agree to match any price on a fee-for-service basis.  Moreover, we offer a complimentary initial consultation, to include a courtesy cash-flow analysis before we ever bring goals into the conversation.

In our practice, we provide a 25% fee-discount for any/all client referrals, and a 50% fee-discount for business owners, military veterans, and widowers/widows.  From our front office to back office support team, we deliver a goals-based approach to wealth management, with an emphasis on cash-flow management.  Utilizing the appropriate balance of guarantees, and reasonable investment returns, our value proposition is geared towards helping investors secure sources of lifetime income.  We accomplish this by removing much of the emotion from the investment policy statement, and retirement income selection process.

Most all of our business comes through referrals. A perfect referral for me would include business owners, professionals, and those within (10) ten years of retirement.  Other good referrals are young professionals interested in establishing a rock solid spending plan in an effort to start saving early and often towards a comfortable, secure retirement. Another excellent referral might include seniors 60 years-of-age, who are especially concerned with maximizing sources of guaranteed lifetime income leading up to his/her age 70 1/2, and beyond.